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Youth Protection Training

The BSA Youth Protection Certification program provides an opportunity for all Scout parents and leaders to learn and be certified in the BSA's protection program.  We encourage ALL adults with Scouts in 1601 to get certified!

Youth Protection Training teaches us how to protect our Scouts (and youth in general) from different kinds of child maltreatment, including abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, and other inappropriate exposure.  Leading research now tells us that almost all ills in society (theft, homicide, rape/abuse, sexual harassment, poverty, mental illness/depression, and propensity for violence) have a direct connection to traumas a child may experience.  For this reason, it is the responsibility of every adult to protect children at any cost.  In many cases in the state of Virginia, it is also the law.

As an adult, you *must* report any instance of sexual abuse, sexual activity (consensual or not), sexual exposure, exploitation, threats with weaponry, and verbal threats of harm to:
  • Local law enforcement (the police)
  • CPS (Child Protective Services)
  • If observed during a BSA/Scouting activity, the program director (your den leader or higher).  You must also formally report the incident.
If you observe the act of abuse taking place, you must intervene and also call 911, then take the child to a safe place.

Click here to learn more about Youth Protection Training.  The URL is

If you need to report an incident, please use the form attached to this page.
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680-676_WEB.pdf Incident Reporting Form (2018)