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Boy Scout Troop 3
(Somerville, Massachusetts)
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Guidelines for a Patrol Overnight

Patrols are encouraged to plan patrol overnights and other events separate from troop events in order to have fun as a group, build patrol spirit and work on advancement.  Patrol overnights are particularly valuable for requirements such as First Class Cooking which requires a scout to prepare three meals for his patrol - two of them cooked. 

Patrols must have approval from the scoutmaster to schedule a patrol overnight.

All arrangements are up to the patrol, selecting a site, planning meals and activities and working on advancement. 

Camping trips can take place anywhere, including a scout’s backyard.

Consistent with Boy Scout Policy and YPT, two adults must be present and the patrol should make sure they have adults willing to help out before proceeding with plans.  A minimum of one adult must be trained in youth protection.

For a backyard overnight, two parents can fill the adult roles but the patrol needs to make sure they are willing to fill that role.  It is strongly suggested that another parent in the patrol be involved as well, though it may not be necessary for the second adult to stay with the boys overnight if two parents are at home and willing to be on call. 

As with all scout trips a permission slip and BSA travel permit are required for a trip out of town.  Backyard overnights do not require a permission trip or permit.

As with any trip, the patrol, under the leadership of the patrol leader, needs to plan meals and equipment.

Patrols are able to use their patrol cooking box, stove, cook kit and tents from the troop and will need to make sure they pick these up on Thursday evening before the trip and check them back in with the troop quartermaster the Thursday after the trip.

Consistent with troop advancement rules, advancement can only be signed off by an adult leader or senior scout holding a rank two levels higher than the advancement level. (e.g. Life for First Class or Star for Second Class).  In the event such an adult or scout is not present, another adult can review the requirement and testify to the completion of the requirement.

Adult supervision is essential for use of stoves, lanterns, saws, axes and open fires. (Note: Fire Department permit may be required for an open fire.)  All other safety rules regarding tools and fires apply.